Fall 2021 Toner Sale

Lexmark HP brother MS810/811 $169 Get Quote MS310/315 $99 Get Quote T650/T654 $159 Get Quote MS821/823 $249 Get Quote 4250/4350 $89 Get Quote M401 $39 Get Quote P3015 $59 Get Quote M604/M605 $79 Get Quote TN760 $29 Get Quote TN450 $29 Get Quote TN850 $39 Get Quote TN660 $29 Get Quote Try our cartridges for … Read more

Printer Not Working Again?

We can help, on-site or in shop the choice is yours. Is your printer jamming, making marks on page, or is there excess toner in the printer? If so CALL us TODAY to arrange for a printer checkup and repair of your printer investment. Customer Service: 416.789.9337 Toll Free:1.800.258.2188 sales@comlaser.ca

CLT Inc.’s Environmental Fact Sheet for Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

Background Toner cartridges are nearly 100% reusable. Discarding the entire cartridge simply because the toner has been used up is an unnecessary waste of natural resources. The typical cartridge is composed of 40% plastic, 40% metal, and small amounts of rubber, paper , foam and toner Remanufactured toner cartridges are cartridges that have been used … Read more

Laser Toner Cartridge Refills: Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Reducing Carbon Footprint Commercial Laser Technologies Inc. reuses 84% of cartridges and fusers collected for remanufacturing. The process saves approximately 2.5 kg of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) per cartridge and a cartridge can be remanufactured approximately 3 times. Considerable CO2 reduction is also achieved by locally remanufacturing instead of importing from Asia and Mexico. Cartridges and … Read more