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Due to necessity as well as steady demand for printer service, parts and toners, we have decided to update our service and pickup policies as follows:

  1. Printer service is now available IN-SHOP only. You may call in ahead of time and drop off your printer for repair. Our facilities are not open to the public and this added service is by appointment only. We maintain our social distancing protocol as well as wiping down/disinfecting our counters and printers before and after they are repaired.
  2. Personal deliveries and door to door drop-offs are still limited but we are open for pickup – by appointment. It is always a good idea to call ahead if you need toners, printer parts or other accessories. This is also to ensure that the items that you need are in-stock. Again, social distancing and disinfecting protocols are in place: keeping both us and you safe.

In these very uncertain times and as we battle this unseen nemesis, let us not forget that keeping our businesses open is also key to our survival post-pandemic. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES!

The Management & Staff of CLT Inc.