Refurbished Used Printers for Sale

As one of Toronto and Canada’s leading printer and parts suppliers CLT can offer many used office printers obtained from customers in our maintenance and OEM and compatible toner programs. We receive a lot of used laser, inkjet and multi-function printers addressing the needs of our customers growing businesses!

Commercial Laser Technologies has been a proponent of environmentally friendly products for over a decade starting with our re-manufactured fusers and compatible toners. Often, with a little refurbishing, office printers we are asked to dispose of are still quite usable! We don’t see the point in filling landfills with printer parts from printers that are still usable.

We can offer a 3 month warranty on our used printers because:

  1. We have manufacturer trained technicians inspect all used printers to determine if it is worth refurbishing them.
  2. After inspection all refurbishing is done by manufacturer trained technicians.
  3. CLT uses only OEM replacement parts in our refurbishment of used printers.

Who Should Consider a Used Printer?

Any business that could save money with a feature in a new laser, inkjet or multi-function printer, but, can’t afford a a new printer should consider buying a used refurbished printer with the features you wish to have. Like a new car there are great savings when you buy a used 2 or 3 year old model with the same features. Printers are no different! Also always check the price of toner or ink when buying any printer because sometimes that can make a huge difference in the costs of using the printer.

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Refurbished Printers


Model: M525f
Price: $295


Model: M521dn
Price: $475


Model: Laserjet 3030
Price: $200


Model: M608
Price: $795


Model: P2015
Price: $175


Model: Officejet 8210
Price: $150


Model: Laserjet P1005
Price: $125


Model: MX602
Price: $450


Model: B2650dw
Price: $750